January 07, 2008

Collaboration 合作伙伴

eStudio (ZhuHai, China)
In wishing to bridge a better production service between the Special Administrative Regions and Mainland China, Different Productions now begins to collaborate with eStudio (ZhuHai, China). Customers are more than welcomed to place orders and/or have their creative services produced from either side. We hope this new service could bring our customers a far more superior creative solution and efficient production process in the future.

eStudio is a professional photography studio with an expertise in corporate photography and many more.

eStudio (中國珠海)
為加強中國大陸與澳門的製作聯繫,向客戶提供更好的服務,不一製作現與 eStudio (中國珠海) 建立合作伙伴關係。相信這項新服務,能夠提供更高質素的創意方案及提高製作效率。歡迎客戶採用我們任一方或雙方的創意服務,創造更大效益。


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Ken Tam said...

I am not from GZ I am from Hong Kong and current based in Zhuhai, please correct my information

Ken Tam