January 08, 2008

Photographer's Resume 攝影師簡歷

专业摄影师 / 美术总监

Photographer / Art Director

Ken Tam 谭万健广东新会人出生於香港,现时以中国珠海作为摄影基地。1987 年完成他在香港正形设计学校之课程,在拿到他第一台 Nikon FM2 照相机後,便一直被摄影所吸引。在过去多年他曾任发型师,电脑营业员,电脑顾问,平面设计师,网站设计师,多媒体制作总监,网站主管,但照相机日常不离左右,他的照片也时常被使用于杂志和其它媒体。

在 2003 年他云游至珠海,并决定放下其它的工作,走上专注发展摄影事业的道路,就这样成立了现时的壹摄影工作室,为客户提供各类专业摄影服务。


直到现时 Ken Tam 已为很多国际企业提供拍摄服务,拍摄地点包括了香港、澳门、泰国、缅甸及在国内很多大小的城市。

由2005开始为 "Professional Fashion Photographers Association" PFPA 会员。

2005 年於珠海国际赛车场 ZIC 之 FIA GT 国际大赛中为保时捷 GruppeM 国际车队,专用摄影师。


Ken Tam grew up in Hong Kong, and is currently based in Zhuhai, China. As he finished his course in Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts (late 1987), he was hooked in photography. Over the years he has been as hair stylist, computer salesman, fidonet sysop, graphic designer, multimedia producer, computer system administrator, web designer, and webmaster. However, it is his camera that has always been his best companion, and his photos were selected to publish in magazines and many other publications.

In 2003, he moved to Zhuhai, China permanently, and he he gave up all other ventures to strictly concentrate on his photography career. He has opened up a workshop called e studio which provides photography services.

His journalistic visions and sensitivity of capture natural beauties all around, with art design background that make him concentration on form and simplicity. This allows him to specialize in portraits, and creating visual communication photograph.

Currently Ken Tam have been provided corporate photography services assigned by many world wide companies. Locations included Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Myanmar, and many other cities in china.

Member of "Professional Fashion Photographers Association" PFPA since 2005.

In 2005 Ken Tam also as assignment photographer for Porsche china to documentary the GruppeM Racing team in FIA GT.

2007 as Alamy's and Myloupe's contributor.

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